/spɒt / (say spot)

1. a mark made by foreign matter, as mud, blood, paint, ink, etc.; a stain, blot, or speck, as on a surface.
2. a blemish of the skin, as a pimple.
3. a mark left by a mould on a plant.
4. a relatively small, usually roundish, part of a surface differing from the rest in appearance or character.
5. a moral blemish, as on character or reputation; stain or flaw.
6. a place or locality: a monument marks the spot.
7. a position or period of time in a program of entertainment assigned to a particular performer.
8. a short period of advertising time on radio or television: they booked ten twenty-second spots per week.
9. a spotlight.
10. Billiards
a. any of several marked points on a billiard table.
b. the spot-ball.
11. Soccer
a. the centre spot.
b. a penalty spot.
12. Colloquial a small quantity of something: a spot of tea.
13. Colloquial an alcoholic drink: he stopped at the pub for a spot.
14. Colloquial a predicament: he was in a bit of a spot when the crash came.
15. Colloquial
a. (formerly) the sum of £100.
b. the sum of $100.
16. US an object bearing a specified device or numeral: he gave the waiter a five-spot.
verb (spotted, spotting)
verb (t)
17. to stain with spots.
18. to sully; blemish.
19. to mark or diversify with spots, as of colour.
20. (spotted, spotting) )→ spot-clean.
21. to pick the best portions out of; peacock.
22. to see or perceive, especially suddenly, by chance, or when it is difficult to do so.
23. Colloquial to detect or recognise.
24. to scatter in various spots.
25. Colloquial to lend: will you spot me ten bucks?
26. Billiards to place (a ball) on a particular spot.
verb (i)
27. to make a spot; cause a stain.
28. to become or tend to become spotted, as some fabrics when spattered with water.
29. (of fires, especially bushfires) to occur in small isolated sections ahead of the main fire as a result of flying sparks, debris, etc.: fires were spotting 100 metres ahead of us.
30. Commerce made, paid, delivered, etc., at once: a spot sale.
31. change one's spots, to alter one's fundamental character.
32. hit the spot, Colloquial to fulfil a need; satisfy.
33. knock (the) spots off, Colloquial
a. to defeat; get the better of.
b. to be vastly superior to.
{Phrase Origin: ? from US target matches where the red and black symbols on playing cards were the spots and the best marksman was the one who could hit the most spots}
34. on the spot,
a. instantly.
b. at the place in question.
c. without change of location: *They milled their timber on the spot, all of it the best of local stuff, and pit-sawn by hand. –xavier herbert, 1975.
d. obliged to deal with a situation.
e. in trouble, embarrassment, or danger.
35. soft spot, a special sympathy or affection: she has a soft spot for small animals.
36. tight spot, a serious predicament: *Captain Hore-Ruthven was completely happy and many times when we were in tight spots behind the enemy lines he said to me, `I call this real soldiering'. –patrick hore-ruthven, 1943.
37. weak spot, an aspect of a person's character which is liable to criticism or opposition.
{Middle English spotte, related to Middle Dutch and Low German spot speck, Icelandic spotti bit, small piece}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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